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Professional Faux Finishes Give Your San Luis Obispo Home That Extra Special Look

Repainting a room can certainly change the look of your décor, but flat colors can be boring even when they are fresh. Why not try faux finishes to help make your San Luis Obispo home look its best! With options ranging from depth enhancing color washes to life-like trompe l’oeil, faux painting is an effective way to really make your rooms shine.

Color Washes

Color washes are a great way to add depth as well as aged appearance. Create an old-world look in your kitchen, or enhance the elegance of your foyer. This technique is achieved by layering several coats of complementary hues before feathering them together with a dry brush. For great results, this faux finish relies on thin coats and the paint staying wet long enough to be blended together; many amateurs actually over cover their walls and end up with a so-so color wash as a result. A San Luis Obispo painting contractor that offers services in faux finishes will be able to make suggestions about color tones and glazes to prolong drying time as well as the color washing methods themselves. However, for the best results-especially if you are not an experience painter-you may want to hire a professional faux painter for your color wash.

Trompe L’oeil

This faux finish reached the height of its popularity during the Baroque period, but actually dates back to Classical Rome. Trompe l’oeil involves painting life-like details on a two dimensional surface in such a way that they look three dimensional. You can use this faux finish to add fake architectural elements (like columns, moldings, and arches) to your dining room, formal living room, entryway, or even your kitchen. Keep in mind that for trompe l’oeil to achieve its optical illusion, it needs to be done by a true artist. While many housepainters will not have these skills, check to see if any local artists specialize in faux finishes. These professional faux painters in San Luis Obispo should be able to expertly create trompe l’oeil details that add sophisticated luxury to your home!

Professional Faux Painters

Some painting contractors specialize in faux finishes. For the best results, be sure that the painting contractor you hire has expertise in the appropriate techniques. If you’re interested in a particularly tricky faux finish, such as a trompe l’oeil arch, ask to see pictures of similar projects the painter or artist has completed in the past. With this research, you should be able to determine whether your painter has the skills to complete your project with professional results!

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